Who is entitled to inherit if no last will and testament exists?
In Germany, the legal order of succession is regulated by §§ 1922 ff. BGB (German Civil Code). Next-of-kin are divided in a so-called order of succession. 
If the deceased did not die in Germany, the inheritance laws of the country of death apply. In this case, please contact your case manager for further information as these laws differ from country to country.

What is the deadline to register an inheritance claim?
In Germany, you have 30 years to register a claim. You are assumed to have tacitly accepted the inheritance if you do not waive your right to inherit within 6 weeks of the date you have been informed of being an heir.

Another probate research company has contacted me. What shall I do?
Please do not sign a contract without speaking to us first. Not all probate researchers are reliable. To represent your interests in the best possible way, we kindly ask you to let us know when you have been contacted by another company, so that we can discuss the next step.

Why do I not get all available information immediately?
We are a company that exists solely on the contingency fees agreed upon in our contracts with the located heirs. If we provide all available information before concluding the contracts, the heirs could file their claims directly with the probate court and we would not get paid. Thus we can only divulge all of the available information about an inheritance matter after the located heirs have returned the signed contracts.

How long does it take to receive my share of the inheritance?
Unfortunately, we cannot exactly predict how long the process will take. Usually, it takes a minimum of 9 months from the date we begin our research, but a case may also proceed faster or indeed take much longer, depending on the number of heirs and the time and effort needed to procure the documents.

Is it possible to make an appointment and discuss the inheritance matter in person?
We would be happy to welcome you to our office in Berlin or any of our other locations and to talk to you in person.  Please call us to make an appointment.