In the case of death, it is generally the probate court’s responsibility to research the existence of any potential heirs, but it may appoint a curator of the estate, who is then in turn authorized to commission a professional probate researcher to locate the next-of-kin. 

Without probate researchers, many unclaimed estates would simply become property of the state. Probate researchers have a very high rate of success even though their investigations are often challenging and time-consuming. Because we know that the wait can be unsettling, we usually provide a status report after three months. After that, it often takes only a few more months until we have all the necessary documents and can apply for the certificate of inheritance. In rare cases, however, we may have to ask for some extra patience; for example, when there is a large community of heirs involved or when some heirs are living abroad. 

We work at our own risk and cover all costs. You will find information on our service and the calculation of our contingency fee under Fees.