Probate research does not require formal training. Because of Germany’s freedom to choose an occupation, you may simply start as a freelancer. Therefore, Erben-Ermittlung Emrich places great emphasis on professional in-house training. We have developed a curriculum for basic and advanced training, which requires each of our probate researchers to gain credits for continuous training, a practice that is also common in medical and legal professions. Furthermore, our Genealogical Research Department continuously explores new resources. 

We are always looking for independent probate researchers to support our team in various regions.  Relocation is not required as you can conveniently work from home. If you are a historian or genealogist, or simply interested in family genealogy, you are fitting in our team. Career changers can also be successful with us. What we expect is that you have some experience in working with data processing programs and internet databases and that you show own initiative as well as good organizational skills. 

In-house training always starts on the 1st of April and 1st of October of the year. A two-day introductory seminar takes place two weeks prior to that. During the first year, you will work closely with our training team.