Job profile

Probate research has been done for over a hundred years. Emigration waves and displacement during the World Wars are significant historical events that frequently disrupted familiar connections. The job of probate researcher has developed from the need to locate families and relatives across the world.

In many cases, probate researchers are directly commissioned by the probate court or the curator of the estate.

Successful research requires profound knowledge of genealogy (ancestry research), national and international inheritance laws, tax laws, and the “Gesetz über das Verfahren in Familiensachen und in den Angelegenheiten der freiwilligen Gerichtsbarkeit (FamFG)” [Law about the Process in Family and Jurisdiction over Non-Contentious Matters], which, among others, regulates the issuance of the certificate of inheritance. 

Our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable in these areas, thanks to our long and successful collaboration with lawyers, notaries, and tax advisors. We are a reliable and competent partner by your side.