We are paid by a so-called contingency fee, which is a percentage based on the share of the inheritance of the expectant heir (plus the current rate of value-added tax). The fee is not due until this share of inheritance is paid out, which ensures that we only get paid when you receive the inheritance. You do not have to pay anything in advance. 

We are, in our own interest, pre-estimating the value of the inheritance. Before the heirs can receive their shares, the curator of the estate has to pay any existing debts from the estate. Should our research show that the estate is too deeply in debt, we will discontinue our work and advise the heirs to relinquish the inheritance. If, due to our fault, a deadline expires, our pecuniary damage liability insurance will cover any resulting costs.

The contingency fee is stipulated in our contract and depends on the time and effort involved in our research. Unless agreed otherwise, it covers all costs and expenses, including the fees for lawyers, tax advisors and notaries as well as any ensuing costs for our correspondents abroad. 

In inheritance matters of lower value, we will charge an additional pro rata flat-rate per case. 

Of course, for probate courts and curators of the estate our collaboration is completely free of charge.

Usually, our contracts stipulate fees as shown below. Please note, however, that the percentages may vary, depending on the scope and complexity of our research. 

In cases of the first, second and third tier of succession, without foreign connections:

  • For an estate value up to 100,000.- Euro, the contingency fee is 33 ⅓ % plus VAT.
  • For an estate value of 100,000.- Euro and more, the contingency fee is 25 % plus VAT.

In cases of the fourth tier of succession, with or without foreign connections:

  • Regardless of the estate value, the contingency fee is 33 ⅓ % plus VAT.

Tax offices recognize our contingency fee as a liability of the estate, which can be deducted from the inheritance tax. Thus, it is partially “financed” by your tax savings.